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At S Chamberlain CPA, we know numbers.

More importantly, we help YOU understand numbers, so you can make confident business decisions, based on real factors.

Running a business on intuition can only get you so far…

To get to the next level, you’ll need strong data and expert analysis to drive decision-making.

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Finally - Use Your Financial Statements to Make Money Finally - Understand Your Profit and Loss Statement Even if You got a C- in Math

Learn how to:

•    Sleep better knowing the true health of your business.

•    Measure what matters in your specific business

•    Manage what you’ve measured to increase profits and ROI

•    Create budgets that help you with inventory, cash flow, and overhead

•    Use financial statements to qualify for loans or raise capital


Only a comprehensive approach that includes the following will maximize results



Many people believe that bookkeeping has been commoditized. Beware! Data entry is not bookkeeping! Your accounting records are the building blocks for data analysis and disciplined decision-making. You should trust those records to professional, experienced accountants, like those found at S Chamberlain CPA.


Once those beautiful records have been updated by our accountants, the truly important work begins- the analysis. A good CPA knows how to help you monitor revenues and expenses, cash balances and cash burn, margins and fixed costs. At S Chamberlain CPA, we work with our clients to not only understand these important components and how they relate, but to take things to the next level – finding actionable solutions to everyday problems.


Taxes are complicated and not a job for mere mortals. You want a CPA that understands tax law and has experience with business and personal returns and how they interact. At S Chamberlain CPA, we work with our clients year-round to minimize potential tax liability and keep them informed of tax law changes. We know you hate surprises at tax time and we do too!

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Big businesses keep CPAs on staff. They recognize the value of sound decision-making strategies based on real data. With S Chamberlain CPA, you get the same quality, professional service as the big guys, without the expense of hiring an employee.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Working with Shaila has been a pleasure from day one. She is all about giving the power to small business owners to make important business decisions based on real numbers. If you are looking for someone who will really care about your business, Shaila is your CPA!

- Nikita Pacheco Kulture Konnect, Inc.


I have had the pleasure of participating in two local business groups with Shaila, the Corona Riverside E-TEAM, and the Corona MasterMinds. I have also met privately with her and had her help me with a tax matter. If you are a small business that needs tax accounting, but you would also like expert advice based on your financials, Shaila is the answer. Your profit and loss and your balance sheet can be a treasure trove of information that can help you improve everything about your business. This is the mission that Shaila is undertaking. To help people like you increase your profits, reduce your costs, and generally manage your business through accounting. I used to see accounting as a cost. The way Shaila does things, accounting becomes an investment with a measurable ROI. My highest recommendation.

 - Randy Kirk | Randy Kirk & Associates

I am more than happy to write a five-star review for Shaila Chamberlain CPA and her team. I have been working with Shaila for several years now, and she has consistently exceeded my expectations.

Shaila is not only an excellent accountant but also a fantastic communicator. She keeps me informed about all of my bookkeeping needs, and I never have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks. Her organizational skills are second to none, and I always feel confident that my books are in good hands.

What I appreciate most about Shaila is that she is a full-service accountant. She not only manages my books but also helps with account reconciliations and budget planning. This level of service has made a significant impact on my business, and I am grateful to have her as a partner.

Overall, I highly recommend Shaila Chamberlain CPA and her team. If you're looking for an excellent accountant who will keep your books organized and provide full-service accounting support, look no further. Shaila is the best!

- Gary Davidson

 At S Chamberlain CPA we offer CPA Services for Businesses in Riverside, Corona, Norco, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, and throughout all of Orange County

  • We offer personal and business tax preparation services in all of Southern California

  • Bookkeeping services for businesses in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas  

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