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Shaila Chamberlain


Since my first accounting course back at Texas Tech University, I’ve been fascinated with business and numbers and how the two interrelate. I’ve spent a lifetime working in this field and have helped many business owners get a grip on their finances simply by analyzing historical data and creating a plan using proven accounting relationships as a guide.  

To me, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a business thrive!

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my kiddos, hiking, traveling, sewing, and occasionally, I write business plans just for fun!

Claire Blanchet


Claire Blanchet joined our company in 2021 as a staff accountant. She also works for her family-owned manufacturing business and has previously worked for the San Bernadino Diocese and law firm settings. Claire holds a Master’s in Accounting and a BA in Business Management, which are from California Baptist University. 

Claire enjoys reading to keep up with changing laws, but also for fun. Her hobbies include pilates and cooking. Claire is also an animal lover; currently, she has five fur children.


Sheena Nguyen


Sheena Nguyen is an accountant intern at S. Chamberlain CPA PC. She graduated from California Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science in accounting. With an eagerness to learn, Sheena will be working on her MBA in the upcoming months. Upon completing her graduate studies, she plans to take the CPA exam to become a license accountant. Aside from her professional goals, Sheena likes to dance, model, and play ping pong and tennis.

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