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Get a detailed look at how to use financials to improve profits.

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– Use Your Financial Statements to Make Money​

– Understand Your Profit and Loss Statement Even if  you got a C- in Math

Learn how to:

  • Sleep better knowing the true health of your business

  • Measure what matters in your specific business

  • Manage what you’ve measured to increase profits and ROI

  • Create budgets that help you with inventory, cash flow, and overhead

  • Use financial statements to qualify for loans or raise capital


Authors Randy Kirk and Shaila Chamberlain have almost 85 years of combined practical experience starting, managing or consulting small businesses like yours.

Shaila is a CPA and CMA who has provided managerial guidance to multiple companies, always with an eye towards improving every aspect of the business using accounting. Randy has founded over 20 companies, consulted with over 300 small businesses, and authored 10 books on business.

If you own a small business and know that you are missing out on potential profits due to a limited or non-existent understanding of your financial statements, this book is for you. If you suspect that your current accounting is incorrect and/or inadequate to be of use in running your company, this book will help.

Making Money Out of Thin Air will teach you to transform a “so-so” business into a PROFIT- MAKING MACHINE!


Randy Kirk

Founder of 20 successful companies, consultant to over 300, and author of 10 books about small business, Randy Kirk teams up with an amazing CPA and gives dramatic case histories showing how you can increase your take-home through financial analysis. There’s no other book on the market like this one.


Shaila Chamberlain

As a management accountant with a 25-year track record, Shaila has been working with companies from manufacturing to broadcasting, from construction to restaurant and just about everything in between. She notes that whatever the industry, the pain points are similar: “How do I increase profitability, when I feel like I’m already killing myself?” Her mission is to spread the word that anyone (even you!) is capable of solid financial management. All you need is a slight change in perspective and a little math.

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