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Keep More of What You Earn

Expert Tax Planning and Preparation


To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “There are only two sure things in life: death and taxes.”

While some may debate which is actually worse, you only have to worry about death the one time, but taxes come around over and over again.  We think it’s worth it to find a great tax preparer!

We get it: taxes are not a good time.

Whether it’s prepping 1099’s, reporting quarterly sales tax to the CDTFA or annual income tax returns, there is an inordinate amount of research, documentation and trial and error involved for most business owners.

Do-it-yourselfers:  Put down your calculators and get on with your life.

What you save in tax prep fees will certainly be eaten up by credits you didn’t know about, errors on your return and lost time that could have been devoted to expanding your business.

For those of you who have a tax preparer, but looking to make a change, give us a call.

We offer a wide variety of tax prep services, such as Federal and State income tax returns, 1099 prep, and quarterly sales and use tax returns.

There are many benefits to using our tax preparation services:

  • Staff of trained and experienced tax preparers dedicated to accuracy

  • Tax planning services to help minimize tax liability

  • Knowledge of the latest tax laws and applications to give your business the lowest tax liability possible

  • Encrypted, cloud- based portal to ensure data security

  • Up front, no surprise pricing

  • Friendly, happy people who think taxes ARE a good time!

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