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PPP Eligible Lenders


The below list includes PPP Eligible Lenders we understand to be accepting applications from outside applicants as of right now. Please note that this information is fluid, and specific lender requirements and acceptance of new applications may change at any time. Also please note that a lender may require a new banking relationship in order to proceed.

  • CommerceWest Bank:

(949) 251-6959


  • Sunwest Bank:

(714) 730-4444

(866) 920-2745


  • Pacific Enterprise Bank:

(949) 623-7600


  • Sunrise Bank:

(844) 722-7779


  • Lendistry:

(844) 662-7297


  • Bank of Southern California(Currently on hold for new applications)

(858) 847-4783


  • Centerstone SBA Lending, Inc.

(213) 805-5220


  • Cross River Bank


  • Wallis Bank


  • Centerstone SBA Lending (not taking applications for independent contractors or sole proprietors at this time)


  • Ready Capital


  • Liberty SBF


  • Paypal


  • Square (Not accepting applications yet, but will be)

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